Sport Groups

Wake up rested

Smooth sailings

Breakfast buffet to all

Free pep room, if available

free WIFI

great prices

Catering available

Wake up well rested for the big game. We have rooms for up to 4 persons and all stays include free WIFI and breakfast. All rooms have tea- and coffee maker

Start your day the best way, having breakfast from our buffet. We offer a large selection of hot meals, freshly baked breads, greens, fruits, juices, tea and coffee.  And much more!

If you need extra meal braks we can assist with all your needs. 

Plesase contact us at:

Set the game plan and tactics. 
We give you a free meetng room (if availability allows)

Bring all the guests you want to come and cheer on the team.

We can offer good prices for friends and family.

Våra priser

All prices are inclusive of breakfast and free WIFI. VAT is included. Per person.
4-beds: 260 kronor
3-beds: 270 kronor
2-beds: 375 kronor
Single: 695 kronor

Information & Bookning

For reservations and quotas, contact us at:
Phone: +46
8-400 740 80

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